Council Agents

Council qualification is the culmination of a successful year and provides the opportunity to attend one of the most professionally rewarding and personal satisfying events:  A Council Meeting.  At this annual event the Company honors the agents who have excelled in their performance and achieved distinction in their New York Life careers by presenting them with these awards.

The 2019 winners are:

Chairman’s Council

  • David Duchene, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, MBA
  • Terry Lewis, CLU, FLP, ChFC, SN

President’s Council

  • Kelly Ann Decker, LUTCF, MS, PhD
  • Jim Johnson, CLU®, ChFC®
  • David J Simonson, CLU®, ChFC®
  • Bill Roach, SN
  • Sue Zwiener, LUTCF
  • Meghan Green
  • Lee Kitzenberg
  • David Compas, MA
  • Kerry Matthews

Executive Council

  • Hamid R Sebghati
  • Ashish Tomar
  • Phil Schouweiler
  • Dale Wawracz
  • Tony Hamburge
  • Mangala Pai Panandiker
  • Dave Shogren
  • Craig Roslien
  • Jeremy Meger
  • Maribel Chua
  • Joel Anderson
  • David McDermott
  • Eric Herried
  • Ethan Anderson
  • Char Rigelman
  • Dongmei Zhang
  • Pat Lang
  • Paul Petersen
  • Lance Best
  • Judy Ringler Mountain

Quality Council

  • Drew Sweetman
  • Josh Batalden
  • Gary Anderson
  • Brandon Hanson
  • Gordy Struss
  • Mark Johnson
  • Rachel Klemmensen